Blueberry BlueBear!

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Hi Friends!

Often, Pookie comes along with us to restaurants and diners, and at home he most often sits on the kitchen counter. Since he’s often within range when food is a topic, we have Pookie express interests, too, for fun! I’ve also mentioned that Pookie and I walk at a local bog park sometimes, too.

All of this ties together today!

You see, bears like to eat blueberries. Blueberries grow in the bog, so that is “Pookie’s favorite park”. It also means that we say that it is Pookie’s favorite food, and he always yearns for them! His nibbles are so tiny we can’t see them, which is why mommy and daddy usually have to finish his blueberry foods!

I also find it fun, because not only do real bears like blueberries, but it’s also a parallel: A BlueBear likes BlueBerries!

A new diner we tried. Pookie excitedly noted that there are actually blueberry pancakes on the menu!

I tried a new energy bar (which, by the way, I didn’t end up loving too much). Pookie confiscated this flavor! You can’t see the part of the label where it says the flavor, but the color might help you guess…

Do I really believe Pookie eats? Of course not. He’s a stuffed animal, and it’s imaginary. But play-acting this gives us something to do together, and a way to form new memories (since we can’t directly form new ones with Charlie), and – let’s face it – it’s fun!



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