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Hi Friends,

Just something simple today.

When I was recently watching Little Women (the PBS/Masterpiece version from 2017, with Angela Lansbury), there was a quote that really caught my ear (side note from the historical fashion side of me: some of the dresses are great. Some of the choices, though, are really odd… ).

The quote that I heard, which I found by Googling, was actually from Hans Christian Anderson, and was written in 1844 (which, by the way, was earlier than I’d realized he was around!).

Here it is:

Then the child opened his eyes and looked into the glorious happy face of the angel, and at the same moment they found themselves in that heavenly home where all is happiness and joy. And God pressed the dead child to His heart, and wings were given him so that he could fly with the angel, hand in hand.

If you read the whole little story at the link, it’s a fairly typically mid-1800s sickly-sweet too-perfect story, but at the same time it’s quite sweet. And I really love the image of God hugging the little boy.



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