Pookie Visits Euclid Beach Park

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Hi Friends!

This week we happened to be visiting Cleveland, Ohio, and at one point I was in Euclid with a couple hours to kill. Pookie and I looked at google maps and picked out a likely looking park!

Pookie on a swing. I wasn’t rocking him, the wind was!! The video below gives you some sense of how strong the wind was…

Looking “out to sea”. I’m surprised he didn’t blow over! You can tell it’s windy, though, because his ears blew back!!

We made it right down to the water. Pookie liked this driftwood log.

Euclid Beach Park was originally a swim beach back in the early 1900s that then transitioned into a summer getaway area for Clevelanders, and eventually transitioned into an amusement park, which stayed in business until the late 1960s. You can still see the carousel from the 1920s in the Western Reserve Historical Society museum in Cleveland.

Pookie trying to take a selfie, but his arms are short! If you look closely, way off in the distance (about 12 miles) you can see the Cleveland skyline.

The small current pier, much shorter than the one from the 1920s. Would be a nice place to sit if you’re not being blasted by strong steady winds coming in across the lake at nearly freezing temps!

Now, I think there’s a larger sign somewhere in Cleveland proper, maybe just west of downtown? I’m not sure. But this one was a great size for sassy “I’m not cold at all” Pookie!

Are we done taking pics yet, Mama? My ears might be a little cold after all.

A section of boardwalk. You can see one of the stone breakwaters behind him. The waves were making big sprays as they hit them! I didn’t time this photo to catch it, but I have one below that does.

In the sling, heading back to the car, trying to block the wind from his ears! We didn’t know we’d be going to the beach, or I’d have brought his hat and mittens.


I could have used a few extra layers, and didn’t realize it till evening but my cheeks got windburned. It was such a fun hour on the beach, though, and Pook was such a good sport with all the picture posing!!



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