Pookie Visits Euclid Beach Park

(Topic: Beach, adventures, teddy bear) Hi Friends! This week we happened to be visiting Cleveland, Ohio, and at one point I was in Euclid with a couple hours to kill. Pookie and I looked at google maps and picked out a likely looking park! Pookie on a swing. I wasn’t rocking him, the wind was!!

Pookie Adventure: Columbus and Ikea

(Topic: Travel, weighted bear) Hi Friends! Another Pookie Travelogue. Last fall we did a lot of traveling, and I take Pookie along and take pictures of him, so here’s a fun photo story of our adventures in Columbus Ohio and visiting the Ikea store there! First stop, hotel! This one had some fun “modern” style

Adventure Pookie: Rochester NY

(Topic: Travel, Pookie adventures (weighted bear)) Hi Friends! Recently (at the end of October) we went to Rochester NY. We met up with friends, explored, and had some work stuff too… Here are Pookie’s adventures!! Visiting friends can mean gearing up with a cup of tea, while in your comfy clothes! Actually, I’d been explaining

Buffalo Trip – With Pookie

(Topic: Weighted bears [grief], travel) Hi Friends, Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Buffalo. In fact, we’ve been traveling a lot, so there will be quite a few Pookie Travelogs sprinkled in over the next few weeks! This trip to Buffalo was in mid September. This will be mostly pictures with captions, showing

Road Trip With Pookie

(Topic: Travel, history) Dear Friends, I recently had the fortune to go on a road trip with hubby, one of my sisters, and her dog. We made a few stops in either direction – the final destination being a family event. Here are a few of the neat things we discovered in either direction: Much