White and Blue Handtowel

White and Blue Handtowel

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Hi Friends!

This is a project I finished a while ago, but am finally getting around to sharing. This is the partner to the Blue and White Handtowel I told you about last May.

It’s the exact same pattern, with my exact same yarns and color choices: just reversed! This is so I have a matching but alternating pair of towels for the kitchen.

This was a really soft, silky cotton to work with, and ends up drying hands really well.

Most of the blue portion. The edges are garter and the center is seed stitch.

Here the decreases in the blue section are done, and I’ve started the white. The decreases continue until you get to the hanging bit.

And here they are, done! The matching pair, including reversed color buttons!

This is the pair in my new kitchen! I didn’t sew the button until a few months ago – this picture is actually before the previous picture but I liked it better so I wanted to end with it!

 This was a lovely quick pattern to knit, and the cotton I used works really well. I’m sure it would work with any cotton yarn but the cheaper yarns that are easy to find would be a bit harsher and not as silky. I had fun with this project!



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