Baby Set

Dearest Readers,

I made this earlier this year. After I finished it, I put down knitting, and even other crafts and sewing, for a long time. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted pictures! I am now experiencing a knitting renaissance, and will likely be posting many more knitted items ­čÖé

Garment Data:
– Type: Sweater and bonnet set
– Date made: Early 2016
– Pattern: See picture below of the book
– Fabric/Materials: Wool yarn, bought at a local yarn store
– Trim: none
– Time to finish: A few weeks, if I recall

This is my all-time favorite pattern book. I bought it as a complete splurge once, and have used it successfully for many, many different events.
My supplies. Wool, and 4 sets of needles: Size 3s and size 5s, in rounds and in DPNs (double pointed needles). I like using round needles even when doing flat work, because my work can’t “fall off” of the other end of the needle. Also, the stiff portion can be shorter than a single pointed needle, so I feel like it’s not unbalanced and “end-heavy” like I feel with long needles. The DPNs are super useful when doing something very small and circular, where you can’t get a good angle with only 2 needles.

The finished jacket/sweater. The pattern only calls for a single color, but I wanted the contrast, so I just used dark blue and white for the first and last few rows. I love how it came out!

Finished bonnet. I simply twisted yarn multiple times to create the strings.

The leafy back of the bonnet. SO CUTE! Can’t wait to see this on a little one!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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