Sontag Wrap

(Topic: Knitting, History) Hi Friends! Recently having finished a lot of baby stuff, I decided it was time to reach for some of my UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and get a few things done that have been lying around my project area for a while! One of the projects I had half-done is called a “Sontag”

The Last of the Baby Sweaters

(topic: babies, knitting) Dear Friends, As you know, my friends have been having a rash of babies lately, and I’ve been knitting lots of baby gifts! This post is about the last 2 shrugs I’ve make for this batch of babies. This last set is going to a rainbow baby – a new baby in

Baby Shrug

(topic: knitting) Hi Friends! I had to wait to post pictures of this, because I’ve given a few of these to friends and didn’t want to spoil the surprise! Lately, it seems like many of my friends have had (or are about to have) babies, and I wanted to come up with a gift that

Baby Set

Dearest Readers, I made this earlier this year. After I finished it, I put down knitting, and even other crafts and sewing, for a long time. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted pictures! I am now experiencing a knitting renaissance, and will likely be posting many more knitted items ­čÖé Garment Data:– Type: Sweater

Spring Sweater

This sweater, knitted for my seven-year-old sister, was made following no pattern. Each piece was carefully counted, as I made the front, the back, and each sleeve. The bottom edge and the cuffs are k4p4 ribbing. The back has cables 8 stitches wide. Garment Data:– Type: Child’s sweater– Date made: 2008?– Pattern: none– Fabric: yellow