Baby Tree

Hi Friends,

When Charlie was newly born and we were getting gifts after the funeral, we got a few that were not tangible. They were really wonderful, too! For instance, one person bought a star in his name, so we got a certificate and a star map to show us where it is (it’s a dim star in the constellation of Cassiopeia).

One person bought us a tree — but not for us, or our yard, or even for a park near here. Instead, they bought it through Trees For Change in Charlie’s name, and it’s planted in an area that needs replanting. When I first got the certificate and then looked up the website, it told me that his tree would be placed in Tahoe National Forest, and that it would be a local variety, likely a pine or spruce.

And on June 21st of this year, 1 year and 2 days after Charlie’s birthday (less than a year after the tree was bought, though), I got an email with information about the batch of trees that was just planted, including Charlie’s tree.

So I’m sure now you want to see pictures of the cute baby trees!
Information page
Cute baby trees! And the burned forest that they are going to help regrow
Planting location map
Directions to visit the trees

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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