A Little Bit of Embroidery

(topic: embroidery, designs) Dear friends, Recently I got my mother a dishtowel as a gift, but when she unpacked it, realized it was twice the size she usually uses! Easy to fix: most of the towel was blank, so I just cut it in half, and hemmed the edges. Voil√°: the part with the design

Today I’m Sad

Dear Friends, Today I was lucky that hubby was off work, so after we ran some errands, we made time to go visit our little boy! I don’t think either of us has made it to the cemetery since before Christmas. It certainly feels like ages and ages. I was so excited to go! We

Baby Tree

Hi Friends, When Charlie was newly born and we were getting gifts after the funeral, we got a few that were not tangible. They were really wonderful, too! For instance, one person bought a star in his name, so we got a certificate and a star map to show us where it is (it’s a