May We All Heal 2018, Preparation – April 28

(Topic: Grief and healing, art)

Dear Friends,

I am taking part in a creative healing workshop for the month of May, the month that contains Mother’s Day here in the US. While the workshop is not just for pregnancy and infant loss, it was originally started because the founders experienced infant loss. So, for the month of May, I will be posting occasionally at times that are not my usual posting times, as I share with you what I creatively do or make based on the prompts that they will give me. If you are interested in participating, these links will be helpful:

The Facebook page, for the companion book:
You can buy the optional book here:
The sponsoring Facebook page:
The Facebook group, which as closed/private group, in which many people will post:
The Facebook Event page:
The website event page:
The sponsoring website:

Additionally, you can find the group and the founder on Instagram: @MayWeAllHeal @MyMissBliss

Also, people who choose to share publicly on Instagram and Facebook will use #MWAH2018 and #mayweallheal



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