Post-MWAH Wrap-Up

(Topic: grief, habits, art, religion/spirituality)  Dear Friends, If I can say one thing, it is that adding a daily discipline – other than the habits I’m used to – is hard! No surprise, there, but that’s the short explanation of why I didn’t do MWAH every day this month. Additionally, it’s extra hard if it

May We All Heal 2018, Preparation – April 28

(Topic: Grief and healing, art) Dear Friends, I am taking part in a creative healing workshop for the month of May, the month that contains Mother’s Day here in the US. While the workshop is not just for pregnancy and infant loss, it was originally started because the founders experienced infant loss. So, for the

Heartbreak In My Stomach

(drawing credit: Sarah Warner, for MWAH2017) Dear Friends, There is a feeling I’d like to explain. For me, part of grief – not just sadness, missing Charlie, dashed hopes and dreams – is a truly visceral feeling. For me, emotion has always been tied to stomach aches. Not the kind you get with the flu,