The Last of the Baby Sweaters

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Dear Friends,

As you know, my friends have been having a rash of babies lately, and I’ve been knitting lots of baby gifts! This post is about the last 2 shrugs I’ve make for this batch of babies. This last set is going to a rainbow baby – a new baby in a family that has previously lost a baby. I initially started with a nice wool, since I know the mom knits and will appreciate it and know how to care for it. I ended up with this one, which I am pleased with, which will probably fit a 3-4 month old:

Now, it turns out that this little one is a preemie, so she’s very very little, and likely won’t fit into that teal and fawn sweater anytime soon. So I decided to make a little care package with a few other things too, and then make a second sweater, that the baby will hopefully be able to wear sooner! This one is all acrylic for easy washing, and is scaled down in size simply by using a baby-weight yarn and needles two sizes smaller, rather than adjusting stitch counts.

I think it came out well, and hope that the receiving family likes both!



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