Sunflower Hat and Blanket

Sunflower Hat and Blanket

(Topic: Knitting, NICU donations) Hi Friends! This is a project I made at some point in the last three years, while I was in a knitting group that made blankets and hats for babies in the local NICU. I knitted quite a few, and I don’t think I’ve posted this one before! This is one

An Angel Baby Blanket

(Topic: Stillbirth, knitting, donation) Hi Friends! Well, anxiety makes it hard to sleep and lack of sleep sometimes gives me migraines – not a great combo for sitting down and writing. That said, I actually have a completed project to show you this week! In the past I have donate blankets to the NICU, but

Blue and Purple: The last baby blanket

(Topic: Knitting, NICU) Hi Friends! As you might recall, I’ve been working on baby blankets to be donated to the local NICU. In fact, you’ve seen the in-progress version of this very blanket before! Here are the last few steps, showing how I completed it.Also, I found out that the local infant loss support group

Keeping Pookie Warm

(Topic: Knitting, Weighted bear clothing) Hi Friends! A few weeks ago we had a cold snap and a lot of snow. On the spur of the moment, I decided Pookie needed some cold weather accessories! He didn’t have a scarf yet, and though he did have mittens and hats already, I figured a matching set

Lacy Baby Sweater

(Topic: Knitting, rainbow babies) Dear Friends, As you have seen, I recently finished a whole run of baby shrugs, for all the friends who had/will have babies. I enjoyed making those a lot! But now that they are done, I’m looking back into my own knitting pile, and the project I decided to work on

The Last of the Baby Sweaters

(topic: babies, knitting) Dear Friends, As you know, my friends have been having a rash of babies lately, and I’ve been knitting lots of baby gifts! This post is about the last 2 shrugs I’ve make for this batch of babies. This last set is going to a rainbow baby – a new baby in

Baby Shrug

(topic: knitting) Hi Friends! I had to wait to post pictures of this, because I’ve given a few of these to friends and didn’t want to spoil the surprise! Lately, it seems like many of my friends have had (or are about to have) babies, and I wanted to come up with a gift that

Prayer Shawl 1, and a Sunflower

Dear Friends, One of the knitting groups I’m in, which meets at a church, makes prayer shawls/lap blankets for the VA hospital in a nearby city. I’ve been in that group for close to 2 years, but somehow that project somehow rarely seemed to be on the top of my pile. Well! Yesterday I finally

Valentine’s Day Baby Blanket

Valentine’s Day Baby Blanket For donation Last week, I finished this baby blanket I’ve been working on since Christmas. Planning ahead, I knew that Valentine’s Day is the next holiday that many people do, so I picked out a red and a white acrylic yarn that was soft and pretty. The pattern is simple (and