Pookie’s Helpful Day

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Hi Friends!

The other day I had a low-motivation morning, and I realized I needed a little help getting going. My family was coming for dinner, too, so there were some errands and housework that needed to happen, plus setting the table, making things look nice, and then, of course, cooking something yummy.

But I was dragging a bit, so I decided to photograph Pookie “helping” me along the way. It really worked…


Nutritious sips of mama’s breakfast drink

What Pook could resist a massage? He only got a quick turn, though. Mama got most of the time.

Being my copilot, purse holder, and list manager.

I’d been texting these pictures to hubby, because he enjoys Pookie’s adventures. At this point he encourages the little bear into some highjinx: “What’s in Mama’s purse?” he texts.

Pookie found the paper straws in my purse. I don’t mind him playing with those!

Look at that great adventuring hat we found for Pookie! Hubby had suggested a pith helmet, but those aren’t as readily available ­čÖé

Oops! Out of peas! A quick grocery run for peas and a few other things.

It’s a butter knife and he’s under close supervision. He’s a very careful Pook, don’t worry!

At this point people started arriving. Yep, I got all the important things done – and it was a lovely evening. I’m so glad Pookie was there to help me get ready, though. He really helps when I have down days, and giving him “adventures” to send to daddy really helps too.



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