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Hi Friends!

Just a quick update today, about a “WIP” (Work In Progress). I’m currently knitting a baby/toddler dress. I’m not concerned with exact gauge, because I’ll just use it whenever I end up with a child that fits in it!

I found the yarn at Joann’s, but then it got discontinued by the store, so I only found the accent blue there… luckily, I can order directly from the manufacturer, and for about the same price! So I ordered several skeins of white, since that’s what I want the dress to be. It’s Fair Isle brand, Harbor style. Colorways are White and Vivid Blue. I really like the texture (silky!) but it’s sometimes a bit slippery to work with.

Here’s my so-far photo:

This photo is the bottom of the back of the dress. The back and the front are worked separately, and it’s sleeveless. It’s a Debbie Bliss pattern. I’m adding the striping myself; the original pattern calls for only one yarn color.

I think I’m on size 3 needles, and I always use circular needles: I find that circs have the weight of the work between your hands, whereas straights have the weight of the work pulling down on the outside ends of the needles on either side of your hands. I prefer circs for most things, personal preference!

Eventually there will be eyelets around the waist, too, and I’ve been asked whether the ribbon will be blue. I’ll have to see: depends on where else I add blue, whether it will be a good accent or too much.

More updates on this later as I get more of it done!



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