Copyright anxiety

(Topic: Anxiety, copyright, right-of-usage) Hi Friends, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that I try to post twice a week. Generally on Wednesdays I try to post something specific to life after loss, and on Saturdays I often keep it lighter with pictures of something I’ve made. Recently, though, on January 26th, I missed a

Pookie’s Helpful Day

(Topic: Photo story, Weighted Bear) Hi Friends! The other day I had a low-motivation morning, and I realized I needed a little help getting going. My family was coming for dinner, too, so there were some errands and housework that needed to happen, plus setting the table, making things look nice, and then, of course,

Post-MWAH Wrap-Up

(Topic: grief, habits, art, religion/spirituality)  Dear Friends, If I can say one thing, it is that adding a daily discipline – other than the habits I’m used to – is hard! No surprise, there, but that’s the short explanation of why I didn’t do MWAH every day this month. Additionally, it’s extra hard if it


BLAAAAAH No Motivation, No Get Up and Go Dear Friends, One of the stupidest and most frustrating “symptoms” of grief, for me and in my experience, is when I have days where doing anything seems like so much effort that it’s not worth it. Not quite to the scale of debilitating depression, because I do