WIP Green Leafy Shawl part 2

(Topic: Knitting)

Dear Friends,

Bit by bit! My time for knitting comes in awkward chunks right now, so my work progresses in fits and starts. That said, I’ve managed to finish the body of my shawl!

Knitting in the car. The stitch markers are every time I turn before the end of a row, leaving more stitches behind. This means I build up the middle while the ends stay narrow.

The whole thing, still coiled on the cable. This picture is close to true color.

Spread out on the love seat. The bottom edge in the picture is the neck edge; the top edge with the long cable in it will be integrated in the leaf pattern, picked up as I go.

Next step, leafy edges. Looks like fun! I actually can’t wait to wear this. The variation in the shades of green is subtle and gorgeous, and I think this will be a darling piece to wear.



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