Pookie Visits Living Treasures “Wild” Animal Park

(Topic: Weighted bear, Zoo. Caution, last picture is of our stillborn son)

Pookie chillin’ on a carved tortoise

Hi Friends!

As you saw a week ago, we like to visit animal parks. We recently went to “Living Treasures”, a local park in New Castle, PA. While not expansive, all the animals were well kept, and while we could choose to feed a few, most of them still acted fairly normal. Additionally, the signs at this park were amazingly well done! Even many large zoos only give you the animal name and a cool fact, whereas here you had 1) animal name, 2) Latin name (I think), 3) region/habitat, 4) endangered status, 5) gestational length, 6) weight, and then several paragraphs about the animal, often concluding with a little known fact about the animal. I was very happily impressed.

Their new baby giraffe has the same name as hubby, so of course I took a picture of the two of them!

Two cuties ­čÖé

I often wear Pookie, since that lets me have my hands much more available, and with this carrier, it’s also not too hard to take him out for photo ops. This is a Highland Cattle calf! So soft and sweet!

Don’t worry, Pookie didn’t shrink. This statue is oversized!
We found a new baby to take home! This little guy has just a little bit of bean bag in him, along his lower back, so he feels perfect curled up in your hands.

Like, totally perfect.


We also found these lovely tiger frames, which allowed us to put up a few more pics of Charlie, which was super great – so far most of the pictures we had put up are all the same shot of his face, black and white, so it was nice to have a few more out. The one on the left is Charlie in daddy’s arms, and the other is a snapshot one of our parents took of our WHOLE family.

We had a great time on this trip, and were impressed with how the animals were kept, the signage, and overall design and accessibility. We’d highly recommend a visit!!!



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