Pookie Visits Living Treasures “Wild” Animal Park

(Topic: Weighted bear, Zoo. Caution, last picture is of our stillborn son) Pookie chillin’ on a carved tortoise Hi Friends! As you saw a week ago, we like to visit animal parks. We recently went to “Living Treasures”, a local park in New Castle, PA. While not expansive, all the animals were well kept, and


(Topic: Grief, Remembrance Walk) Dear Friends, Yesterday we went for a walk in Columbus, as participants in the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk, which I have periodically been telling you about as I asked for donations to sponsor our walk. Well, it finally happened! We drove down to Columbus early in the morning, which takes about 2

To Buy or Not To Buy, That is the Question

(topic: grief vs. preparing for a next child) http://www.gracobaby.com/en-US/Traditional-Playards/travel-lite%3Csup%3E-reg%3B%3C-sup%3E-crib-with-stages I don’t know if you have heard, but all of the Toys R Us and Babies R Us locations in the US are closing. I’m not sure what the long range effect will be, but the short term effect is that they have sales and discounts

Introductions: Bears and Others

Introductions Part II Bears and Others Hi Friends! I promised pictures of the non-tigers… so here we go! Oh, well actually, first is a new tiger to the bunch! He’s a Tigger, but since we already have a Tigger, this guy needs a name, or at least some sort of nickname to differentiate him. He’s

Birthday Ideas for Charlie

(topic: remembering a child on their birthday, infant loss, memorial ideas)  Dear friends, This year, in June, Charlie will be turning 2. If you would like to help us remember him in a more tangible way, here are a few things you can do: Ways to remember Charlie on his 2nd Birthday (June 19th) Support

Reminder: Walking in Charlie’s Memory.

(topic: Infant loss remembrance walk) Hi Friends! Once again a reminder that on June 23rd, we will be taking part in the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) sponsored remembrance walk. We have our own team (Team Tiger!) and we’d love for you to join us if you can, or sponsor us as

Walking for Charlie

Dear Friends, Once again, I’m going to post about the walk we have coming up on June 24th CORRECTION, it is the 23RD. It is a sponsored walk, kind of like a Crop Walk or a March of Dimes: We walk, you sponsor us, the money becomes a donation to the cause. Details will be


(Posted next morning, due to upload issues. I will add the pictures this morning)(Edited on 2/23 evening to add photos.) Dear friends, Right now my eyes are burning because I’ve been crying, and it wouldn’t take much to get me going again. Today has actually been a pretty good day, but right at the end

Today I’m Sad

Dear Friends, Today I was lucky that hubby was off work, so after we ran some errands, we made time to go visit our little boy! I don’t think either of us has made it to the cemetery since before Christmas. It certainly feels like ages and ages. I was so excited to go! We