WIP Cedar Leaf Shawlette Part 3

(Topic: Knitting)

Hi Friends!

Yet another update on how the shawl is progressing. Well, I completed the body of the shawl and have moved on to the edging.

The edging is made up of 30 (!) leaves, each knitted alongside and connecting to the body of the shawl, along the outside (not the neck) edge.

The pattern calls for using a dpn, but I’m finding that using the other end of my circular needle is working just fine, and I’m less likely to lose it!

The pattern is written out and also presented as a chart. I’ve never used charts before, but with them side by side I found it pretty easy to learn. I really like using it! I have to remind myself which row I’m on and because of that, which direction to read the chart… but it’s waaaaay easier to keep track of what to do in a car, where reading the print while juggling the pattern, the knitting, and my marker can be really tricky! I found that tucking the pattern in the glove compartment door and reading the chart instead of the abbreviations was so much easier.



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