Thanksgiving with Pookie

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Hi Friends!

Overall, this was an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Pookie was dressed and ready for the occasion!

I couldn’t resist this little suit! Unfortunately the turkey beanie didn’t fit his head without looking ridiculous, so he asked if he could wear a different hat that matches the suit. I got out all the other hats he had that might coordinate, and he picked his cap with his initials ­čÖé

There are a couple of downsides to Thanksgiving, for me. One is that it usually ends up being a pretty full room of people, and I get overwhelmed and over-peopled pretty fast. The other, maybe more obviously, is that at some point, my mind turns to the fact that there is a person missing. Yes, he’s represented there by Pookie, but Charlie-the-toddler was missing, and it made me melancholy later in the evening. It also made me feel like I’d misplaced something without knowing what – that feeling of forgetting something – but it was directly connected to the lack of Charlie, rather than actually forgetting an item.

I’m not saying it wasn’t a lovely evening – it was! – or that I didn’t have fun – because I certainly did!
But I missed Charlie.

Pookie waiting for dessert so he can taste the Cranberry Walnut Pie. This kid and berries, I tell you!

So I can imagine, if it was hard for me despite enjoying myself, that others who have lost a close family member – even if it’s a baby who never got to enjoy the feast or even got to be at a Thanksgiving – that it might be hard for others, too.

So be gentle with those who have lost their child (or someone else) this holiday season. Include them in activities but be aware they may need to step away for a minute, or take a break, if the “missing” feelings get too heavy.

With love to all, and extra hugs for those people who are missing someone this holiday season.



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