Sunflower Hat and Blanket

Sunflower Hat and Blanket

(Topic: Knitting, NICU donations) Hi Friends! This is a project I made at some point in the last three years, while I was in a knitting group that made blankets and hats for babies in the local NICU. I knitted quite a few, and I don’t think I’ve posted this one before! This is one

Pan Handle Potholder

Pan Handle Potholder

(Topic: Crochet, sewing, cooking) Hi Friends! Recently we noticed that our cast iron pans with bare handles (as opposed to wooden handles) are easier to pick up when we have a dedicated potholder shaped like the handle rather than just wrapping one around it. I figured, that would be something easy to make! So I

Crocheted stripey scrap blanket

(Topic: Crocheting) Hi Friends, This is a project I’ve been doing for a long time (as in, many years).It started with some scrap cotton yarn I had, starting with a red stripe. Then I unraveled the (not stretchy non-wearable) socks, and those blues and yellows came next. Then I added some whole balls of cotton

Pookie’s red crocheted hat and shoes

(Topic: Crocheting! Specifically for the dimensions of my weighted bear) Hi Friends! As mentioned a few posts ago, when I was talking about Pookie’s shoes, I realized that his crocheted hat and shoes – my first attempt at either, for him – had not yet made it into this blog! This is the hat, on

Prayer Shawl 1, and a Sunflower

Dear Friends, One of the knitting groups I’m in, which meets at a church, makes prayer shawls/lap blankets for the VA hospital in a nearby city. I’ve been in that group for close to 2 years, but somehow that project somehow rarely seemed to be on the top of my pile. Well! Yesterday I finally

Valentine’s Day Baby Blanket

Valentine’s Day Baby Blanket For donation Last week, I finished this baby blanket I’ve been working on since Christmas. Planning ahead, I knew that Valentine’s Day is the next holiday that many people do, so I picked out a red and a white acrylic yarn that was soft and pretty. The pattern is simple (and

Color-Pooled Scarf

  Color-Pooled Scarf Hi Friends! I have completed another project that has been in my bag for a while now. It is a scarf, warm and pretty! Here it is while still under construction: The next picture is the center, which is the first part I did. This is the part with “Planned Color Pooling”,

Our Tiger Cub’s Blanket

Dear Friends, In my previous post about Dolly Parton, I mentioned that I had made a blanket, and that working on it helped me in my grief journey. This post is sharing that blanket!! It is a cotton blanket, crocheted with just single crochet. The interest is in the variegated yarns and which colors I