Adventure Pookie: Cincinnati

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President Taft’s front room

Dear Friends,

Yet another installment in Pookie’s Fall Travel Adventures!

We recently had the opportunity to visit Cincinnati, and while there, my first stop was the Taft home (a National Park site). This is the house that President Taft grew up in, and has a small museum adjacent to the home, and then a tour of the historic house. I took Pookie with me, and was surprised at how matter-of-fact the rangers treated him.

Pookie at the front entrance. Interestingly, as Taft was growing up, the home had been made taller and had a front porch added, but Taft’s son decided to put it back the way it had been when Taft was born rather than how it was when he was a kid or teen…. interesting preservation choice.

As we toured the home, there were children doing their “junior ranger” badge – a series of questions designed to get them listening and involved in the tour. When I got back to the museum/visitor center, I asked if I could take a picture of Pookie in a Junior Ranger hat – too large to buy for him, but still cute! The ranger suggested I put him next to Taft himself, and even suggested the perch Pookie is on. How sweet!
The ranger then asked if Pookie had done the Junior Ranger badge. I said he hadn’t, and the ranger said, “well, now he has!” and pinned a badge onto my little guy. It made my day.

After leaving the Taft house – an experience I highly recommend, it has great exhibits – we headed downtown, where we spent a bit of time before meeting a friend for lunch.

Very cool building. Apparently the wiry top was added to make it taller than the tallest building in town.

A cool ferris wheel that was set up – but wasn’t open, so I didn’t get to ride it ­čÖü

View of a lovely bridge toward Kentucky.

I spy, with my little eye, a lounging Pook!

Who, me??

Also right near the river front, there is a cool old carousel, which of course Pookie and I opted to ride. Also found a cool salt-and-pepper shaker set of kissing tigers, which of course I had to get.

Which animal did Pookie choose to ride?

Hm, no surprise there.

Family fun!!

Pookie watching over our purchases, as we waited for our friend for lunch. We met with another mom whose baby died. While emotional, it’s really nice to meet my online friends in person.

Once I was done with lunch, I still had some time before hubby was done with his meetings. I put Pookie in the car for this bit, because it was going to be a hike and then heights, and I didn’t have a good carrier with me, and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to Pookie. I went to Carew Tower the formerly tallest building in Cincinnati! It has a great observation deck.

There is one main bank of elevators, then you get off this one, walk to another set of elevators, and go up another few flights.

River front. See the carousel and the cool bridge?

After we picked Daddy up, we all visited some relatives that we have in Cincinnati, in a local cemetery.

The Warner family headstone

It was a lovely trip, and a really neat town to explore!



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