My new hat

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Hi Friends!

Today I got to take part in a really cool local yarn shop’s knitting workshop. I rarely make things for myself, so making a hat FOR ME, and also IN ONE DAY, and WITH FRIENDS was a super cool opportunity!

Here are some in-progress pics, and, at the bottom, me wearing the finished product.

The top, made first. It’s a wonky shape, but it comes out awesome.

Starting to be more hat shaped. I’m in LOOOOOVE with this color! It’s a high-quality 100% acrylic yarn.

Done except tassel!

Yeah, love this yarn shop. ?

Handmade tassel.

Done!!! So pretty!!!

I batted at the tassel for a full minute. I finished it about 2 hours ago and haven’t taken it off yet. Super comfy!

Quick post, because I was at the yarn shop all day!!! I think I actually knitted for 10-1/2 hours today, making the hat from start to finish. It is a simple project but I think it is really cute, and I’m thrilled with the result!



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