Pookie Adventure: Columbus and Ikea

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Hi Friends!

Another Pookie Travelogue. Last fall we did a lot of traveling, and I take Pookie along and take pictures of him, so here’s a fun photo story of our adventures in Columbus Ohio and visiting the Ikea store there!

First stop, hotel! This one had some fun “modern” style items. Here’s Pookie in his meta snowsuit (he’s a blue bear, in a suit that makes him look like a blue bear!!)

Because Ikea has furniture for kids, there’s a lot more Pookie-sized stuff!!!

He suggested a tea stop at the caf├ę. I agreed.

Yum! From this angle you can see the building ­čśÇ

This bed is close to the right size! I think it’s a doll bed.

Pookie tried to convince me we needed a riding moose. I remain unconvinced…

“Please, have a seat.”

Spaghetti night, anyone?

Pookie requested a cart ride, which I agreed to, because he’s a heavy little guy!

“I’ll handle the dishes.”

Really? “not actual size”?? Shucks!

Pookie also thinks we should get him his own couch. I said he could buy it when he has his own money and his own apartment.



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