Keeping Pookie Warm

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Hi Friends!

A few weeks ago we had a cold snap and a lot of snow. On the spur of the moment, I decided Pookie needed some cold weather accessories! He didn’t have a scarf yet, and though he did have mittens and hats already, I figured a matching set would be fun!

I started by rummaging in my yarn stash to see if I had something that grabbed my eye. You may recognize this yarn: I used it before on a color-pooled crocheted scarf! For this project, though, I’m just using it as a variegated yarn without worrying about trying to pool the colors into a pattern.

I started by casting on to what looked like a good width, and created a 2×2 rib for about an inch and a half as a border. I then just knitted every row (which creates a garter stitch), until the scarf looked like it was the right length!

The result! I’m quite happy with this. It wraps well but is just long enough that if I want to put a knot in, I can.

Well! One piece down, mittens and hat to go! I decided to work the mittens next, fitting them as I went. Because Pookie’s paws are pretty small, even using magic loop didn’t feel like a great idea, so I worked the mittens flat. I then drew the top together, and seamed the side.

Cuff is on the left. See on the right, where the top of the mitten is, that I have a light blue bit of yarn drawn through the last row of stitches? That’s what I pulled to cinch the top of the mitten.

Cinched and seamed! This is the inside of the mitten.

It looks like a muffin!!! If I ever need to knit toy muffins, I’ll do it like this! Well, maybe not, since it wouldn’t have a bottom.

I added a string, because I really don’t want to loose them by accident (I’ve lost Pookie’s rain hat already, which I consider to be a tragedy of the highest magnitude. I’m not going to loose a hand-knit mitten because I didn’t take the time to tie it on!). The string is 6 strands of yarn, braided.

Snug in his snowsuit, and modeling the new scarf and mittens!!

Still chilly. Pookie borrowed my couch snuggle blanket.
 Well, if Pookie is still cold, I’d better throw together a hat! I decided to do this in the round, using the magic loop technique so I would have flexibility to try it on him easily, and also so I wouldn’t have to change techniques as I decrease toward the top.
I started with a 2×2 rib again, so that it would match the edging on the other pieces. Since I was shaping as I went, rather than following a prewritten pattern, I decreased when I got high enough for it to get over his ears. With the rib pulling it tight below, and since I didn’t change needle size to a larger one or decrease the stitch count, the brim pulls inward and then it bulges out – and the goes pretty flat on top to match his head shape. This means that it looks a bit funny when it’s not on him, but looks great on his head!

I also decided to add a pompom, just for fun! The annoying thing about doing a garter in the round is the same as doing stockinette flat: you have to alternate purl rows with knit rows, so you have to be sure to know where your round starts and ends.

“Yes? Oh – yep, I love the hat!”

Modelling the hat. If you look closely, you can see the braided tie, tied under his chin, to help prevent accidental hat loss!

We found out that, due to the interesting shaping, that it works as a tam too!

I’m really glad I added the mitten string, because he has no wrists to help keep the mittens on! They have a tendency to slide off, but they stay on pretty well if the cuff of the sweater or snowsuit is over the mitten.



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