Crocheted stripey scrap blanket

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Hi Friends,

This is a project I’ve been doing for a long time (as in, many years).
It started with some scrap cotton yarn I had, starting with a red stripe. Then I unraveled the (not stretchy non-wearable) socks, and those blues and yellows came next. Then I added some whole balls of cotton yarn I had, and simply added by whim from there!

I consider the red stripe to be the bottom of the blanket. This will hopefully be for a twin or queen (I haven’t checked dimensions yet).

The full stripe set so far! Next is a medium blue, then a light blue. Note that for much of the center, I put a narrow stripe of green between each color, but I’m going to change up whether or not I do it, depending on what colors I do.

Literally all of the blanket is single crochet – on purpose, so that this remains a simple and easy project to pick up when I need a break from knitting lacy things!

No idea when I’ll actually finish it, but I assure you that you will see pictures when I do!



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