I’m Nearly Done with the Toddler Dress!

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Hi Friends!

Back in August, I posted about a dress I’d started making, but I only had about 3″ done. Well, I’m nearly there!!

This is the beginning of the back piece, that I showed you last time. I decided to add the blue stripe.
The beginning of the front. Notice that I’ve figured out better tension. This was largely due to switching from (slippery) metal needles to (grippier) bamboo needles. Since the yarn was so slippery anyway, having slippery needles made keeping even tension very difficult. It’s a lot easier with a bit more grip.

The lace holes for a ribbon to be threaded through, at the waistline.
Finished back! I’m actually pretty far on the front now too, so the next post about this dress will be a finished product! The ribbon will be blue to match the stripe, and it’s sleeveless, so once I put the front and back together, it’s just a matter of knitting the neckline.

Can’t wait to see how it comes out!



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