1860s Maternity Dress

Hello Friends, Recently I decided to try to make a maternity-style dress, with the challenges of being able to accommodate different sizes and shapes that a body does during pregnancy. Since different people also carry differently (like high vs. low), the dress does end up being somewhat personalized (such as shoulder-to-waist length), but is much

1860s-Style Mourning Dress

Hi Friends, As some of you know, we recently experienced a loss in our family. This led me (of course!) to looking into historical customs of mourning, specifically for the American Civil War era (1861-65). Garment Data:– Type: Dress, specifically for mourning or half mourning, depending on the accessories– Date made: August 2016– Pattern: My

A “quick-and-dirty” work petticoat

I decided to quickly throw together a petticoat this week! I’d already seamed the panels, and today I decided to finish it (because, after all, I’m going to an event tomorrow – and there’s nothing quite like last minute sewing!!). Garment Data:– Type: Petticoat– Date made: August 9th, 2013– Pattern: None. Based on the basic

Tucked petticoat

Posting some older items, to catch up with what I’m working on now! Garment Data:– Type: Petticoat– Date made: February 2, 2013– Pattern: Self drafted– Fabric: Cotton – a basic muslin, white– Trim: none (but with 3 tucks)– Time to finish: don’t know– Notes: meant for closest to the body – beneath the hoops. Three