Winter Hats

Dear friends!
By request, I’m posting pictures from a few years ago that I hadn’t gotten around to posting yet. These are hats I made for friends and (when I get around to posting them) myself. They’re quite warm! I tested them ­čÖé

Garment Data:
– Type: Winter Hat
– Date made: Some time during the years 2003-2008
– Pattern: None. I used what I know about shaping and increasing/decreasing to draft the pattern as I went.
– Fabric/Materials: Acrylic or Acrylic/wool blend yarn, polar fleece for lining.
– Trim: Made of same yarn

Knitted in the round, from forehead up. Then drawn together at the top, lined with polar fleece (hand stitched to ensure that it lay flat).

Th ear flaps were knitted separately, and attached after a fitting with the intended recipient of the hat, to make sure they’d fit where they’d need to be! The pompom was made by me as well, and the pompom cord and the ear flap ties were made using a “knitting nancy” 4-peg knitting loom.

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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