Pure, Unadulterated Nerdy Cuteness

Ok, so I’m completely geeky, but I got super excited when a friend gave me a hat that may or may not look similar to a character in a well known film…

Garment Data:
– Type: Baby hat, mittens, booties
– Date made: Unknown, plus January and February 2017
– Pattern: Made up
– Fabric/Materials: Acrylic yarn
– Trim: the same yarn
– Time to finish: a few days

Figuring out how to knit a 3-fingered glove/mitten flat. Not in the round because it’s so small. That’s a size 3 knitting needle! And since it’s going to be folded in half, there are going to be 6 points… LOTS of ends to weave in.

Here’s the original hat plus the brim I added to keep the edge from rolling up. I got the closest green I could find… it’s less noticeable in real life. And the first completed mitten! I’m not worried about it fitting over fingers, since I’m planning to use this with a baby small enough to mostly still keep their hands balled up.

Here’s where it started to really get weird. I wanted the booties to also have 3 toes, ideally with the center toe bigger than the outside two. But, I had no pattern, and have rarely made booties. SO I’m making it up as I go! I started with the cuff, then bound off a few stitches to make the wrap-around part. Then I had to cast on, to get the length of the toe box, but then split again to make the toes… and then I realized this was just the sole.

So I had to invent the top of the bootie! And this is what it looks like.

Here’s the whole completed set, minus the ties on the booties, which are in the next pictures. Note that on the right mitten, I actually matched the stitches but somehow had a tighter gauge than the first mitten, so I had to add a little length to the cuff…

The bootie ties, which consist of a loop coming from the front…

And two ties coming around from the back. I’m pleased with how they came out!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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