Shoes for 18″ Molly Bears

Hi Everyone,

I have finally finished a project I’d like to share!

Molly Bears (Link to Website) is a wonderful organization that creates bears that are the same weight as the infant you lost.

We received our bear on the December 23rd, 2016, and ever since then he has been a comfort to hold, cuddle, and dress. Yes, I like to dress him sometimes. Not every day, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone little to care for. Also, I like to take pictures and text his adventures to my husband!

Our Charles Peacock Bear (named after our son), whom we call Pookie.

Soon after I started looking for clothes for Pookie, I noticed that shoes were going to be a serious problem. His feet are not shaped like human feet, so baby shoes don’t work, and they are much larger than the bear shoes you can find at certain stores in the mall.

So I have been working on developing a pattern for shoes, which you can see the final version of in the picture above! And I JUST FINISHED THE PATTERN!

Since I know anyone with a Molly Bear has experienced a loss, and I doubt I’m the only one who wants to dress my bear, here is the pattern, available for free to those who want to make their own shoes. Do not sell shoes made from this pattern, or sell the pattern. If you have questions, I can be contacted via glibscribe (at) gmail (dot) com or on Facebook (Sarah Warner), and I will answer any questions posted below in the comments.

This pattern is entirely my own design. I am not sponsored by, or affiliated with Molly Bears. Additionally, Molly Bears appears to have several sizes and designs of bear. This pattern is only designed to fit the style bear pictured above, who is the 18″ size.

Also, if you want to share pictures of the shoes you make with this pattern, I’d love to see them!

Printable file with instructions: LINK TO PATTERN

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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