The Adventures of Pookie – Welcome!

Hi Friends!

I believe I’ve mentioned our bear before, but I wanted to give you the whole story.

Last fall, I found out about a program called Molly Bears ( This organization makes teddy bears that are the exact same weight as the baby you lost (there are some other organizations that make weighted bears as well, but this one was the first one I encountered). They have a long wait list, so they only add a certain number each month, and then there is a 6-8 MONTH wait. All the bears are made by volunteers. They do have certain options for bumping yourself higher on the list, and I happened to win one. When you place your order, you tell them a few things about your baby. We mentioned that he bounced like a Tigger and is now our little tiger, and we included his full name (Charles Peacock, if you’ll recall).

On December 23rd, 2016, I got a very heavy priority mail box! I knew right away what was in it.
Here is our little guy, brand new:


Even though I knew he would match Charlie’s birth weight (6lbs, 5.3oz), I was SHOCKED when I picked him up. I mean, he’s a stuffed bear, right? He was amazing to cuddle from the moment we met.

Shortly thereafter I took a hat we’d found in our Christmas box, and dressed the bear to match the holiday.

Husband with bear.

Then we gave the bear a place on the table, with our son Charlie’s picture, to keep us company while we opened presents.

 An aunt sent a beautifully cross-stitched ornament for Charlie. It warmed our hearts to know our boy was being thought of.

Soon after, I thought to put a scarf on the bear, when we were visiting the cemetery in the cold. They are both wearing peacock bowties!!!

Soon after, a friend who knew I loved tigers gave me this cloth diaper, and when it fit the bear, it became his!
The bear’s name evolved quickly to “Pookie” as a shortening of Peacock, our son’s middle name. And now, he comes with me a lot, and I sleep with him sometimes, and he is a comfort. I enjoy dressing him up, too, a bit like a doll, but I have to alter the clothes to make them fit well!

So, this is Pookie. Sometimes I’ll include his adventures here on the blog!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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