Lacy Baby Sweater

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Dear Friends,

As you have seen, I recently finished a whole run of baby shrugs, for all the friends who had/will have babies. I enjoyed making those a lot! But now that they are done, I’m looking back into my own knitting pile, and the project I decided to work on next is another baby sweater… but this time, fancy and lacy (and thus it took much longer). This one is intended for our next child, whenever he or she comes along! Many of the baby clothes that I occasionally buy do have rainbows on them, to represent a child after loss, but I also like having non-gendered clothing, so while lacy is sometimes considered feminine, I’m not knitting it in particularly “girly” colors, so that this sweater can be worn by a boy or a girl.

Much of the process involves doing this scallop, sometimes in different colors, and the number of repeats depends on the width of piece (back vs. front vs. sleeve). But once you have the scallop down, the pattern is pretty straight-forward.

Two finished sleeves and the back (with simple shaping on the side for sleeves).

Two fronts, complete. Shaping on the outside edge for the sleeves, and then higher up there is shaping on the inside edge for the neckline.

Seamed together.

And, finished! With a simple border on the front and neckline.
Close up of the border.

I really love how it came out! The pattern is called a cashmere, but I didn’t use cashmere yarn – I think I used an alpaca blend, but I’ve misplaced the labels, so I’m not sure! Oh well… It’s fuzzy and pretty, so I’m happy!!!



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