Blue and Purple: The last baby blanket

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Hi Friends!

As you might recall, I’ve been working on baby blankets to be donated to the local NICU. In fact, you’ve seen the in-progress version of this very blanket before! Here are the last few steps, showing how I completed it.
Also, I found out that the local infant loss support group (that I actually go to!) was getting blankets from the same knitting group, for deceased infants. Obviously with my particular background, infant loss blankets speak to me a lot more than NICU blankets, since I never actually had a child in the NICU. There are many lovely people who will continue to make NICU blankets, but I, personally, have chosen to switch to infant loss blankets only, whenever I am in the mood to do baby blankets.

I tried a lime green, but really didn’t like how it looked. When I started that color, I couldn’t find another color, but later when I sorted my yarn, I found the (slightly) darker purple skein you see above! I liked it much better than the lime, so I frogged the green and did a darker lavender instead.

Beginning the dark lavender.
As plasticky as this chenille is, it actually makes quite a cozy blanket!

And, done! Two shades of lavender, and a slightly different chenille used for the blue edging (thus the skewed edges – there are the same number of stitches but the light blue yarn is thinner so it doesn’t make as thick or wide a fabric).

Thank you to the Loose Knit Group for donating the baby blankets that I have made to this point.



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