Blue and Purple: The last baby blanket

(Topic: Knitting, NICU) Hi Friends! As you might recall, I’ve been working on baby blankets to be donated to the local NICU. In fact, you’ve seen the in-progress version of this very blanket before! Here are the last few steps, showing how I completed it.Also, I found out that the local infant loss support group

In Progress: Blue and Purple Baby Blanket

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends! Just a little update on another knitting project I have going. This is using a chenille yarn, and is knit in stockinette for the body and garter along the edges to reduce curl. The blue is a somewhat thinner yarn, so I might get a bit of accidental shaping from that.

Cuddly Yellow Blanket

   Buttery Snuggle Blanket  This is a blanket I started out just because I had a pretty yarn! It was soft, and I loved the yellow with little tufts of other colors. I only got 2 skeins, though, because it was in the clearance bin and that’s all there were. I probably could have started