Santa Pook


We were out getting a Christmas tree, tromping through the snowy tree field picking one out to cut, when hubby said that Pookie really needed a Santa hat. I agreed, and thought to myself that maybe I could pick one up at a dollar store.


I found some red fleece and an old sheepskin steering wheel cover, and got carried away…

I fitted it directly on him. It used about a half a yard of fleece, and I cut freehand based on the usual shapes of the pieces, using his measurements to guide me for the widths. I could have narrowed his pant legs a little more; on the other hand, his feet would be harder to get through! The pant legs are shaped normally, but there is an added semi-circle in the rear to accommodate his seat. The arms are plain tubes. The top is a little shaped around the armscyes, and is very short-waisted. The hat is a rectangle with triangles cut out of the top for shaping. And all of the fur edging – which was tricky to sew on! – is from the steering wheel cover. The belt is a ladies belt from Goodwill, much shortened.

Merry Christmas!


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