Pookie’s BooBoo

 Hi Friends, I would like to share something with you. A few months ago I PANICKED. I found a place on Pookie’s face, not even at a seam, where there was a tear in his fur (probably a run from when they placed his eyes). Now, as you know from reading this blog, I am

Santa Pook

? We were out getting a Christmas tree, tromping through the snowy tree field picking one out to cut, when hubby said that Pookie really needed a Santa hat. I agreed, and thought to myself that maybe I could pick one up at a dollar store. Well… I found some red fleece and an old

Winter Hats, part II — Jayne’s Hat

Ladies and Gents,As promised, part II of the Wooly-Hats Spectacular Spectacular!I’m trying the pictures in a larger size, let’s see how this looks!In this case, I made a Jayne-inspired hat, copying a hat that the character Jayne Cobb got from his mom on the TV sci-fi/western Firefly.The cool thing about his hat is that it