Cuddly Yellow Blanket


 Buttery Snuggle Blanket

 This is a blanket I started out just because I had a pretty yarn! It was soft, and I loved the yellow with little tufts of other colors. I only got 2 skeins, though, because it was in the clearance bin and that’s all there were.

I probably could have started out smaller, or swatched the gauge, but I didn’t, so this is the blanket after I used up both skeins:

 I took the picture while yarn hunting. My goals were: color match, and just as soft and nice to the touch. For this particular project, I was not being picky about the material.
Here you can see it close up, along with some of the tufted colors (which were orange, purple, lavender, pale green, and white). The skeins below are some of the chenille I found that matched what I wanted:
Here you can see the brand and style. I got several skeins of yellow, which I used most of, and one skein of each accent color.

Here they are all together, with my started piece on top:

 So then I had to figure out how I wanted to proceed. I figured out I wanted a narrow stripe of accent color right next to the first portion, and I decided the purple might be best. But I got this far and realized I didn’t know how wide I wanted the yellow to be:

Well, I did a bunch of calculations for proportions of the blanket, and based on the width I had, and only one stripe of each accent color, I was able to figure out how wide to make the yellow stripe, at least approximately, and then once I had the first one done, I knew how many rows to make the subsequent yellow stripes:

And here is the finished product. Super cuddly, warm, snuggly, and wonderful. I originally thought I’d make a baby blanket from that variegated yarn, but once I got going, I realized it was closer to crib size… and now I just love it too much, and it’s my lap blanket for couch snuggles. It’s wonderful.


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