Charlie’s Garden and a Pookie Visit

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Dear Friends,

One of the ways I “cultivate” Charlie’s memory (ha ha ha!) is by gardening around his grave stone. We are lucky to have him in an old and beautiful cemetery that is open to people gardening on the gravesites, as long as you stay roughly within their parameters and guidelines.

As long as the garden is within the dimensions, doesn’t have majorly spiny bushes, or breakable things, it’s within guidelines. I have many spring bulbs planted, and the yellow “greenery” is a decorative oregano, which provides most of the summer fill.

As you can see, amongst the plants are also garden decorations. Some of these are more long term, but others (such as the pinwheel) I change out seasonally. In the back left you can see a box in which is a notebook for visitors to leave notes for Charlie if they are so inclined. There are also a few tigers hidden in the oregano that live there – it’s their jungle!

On a recent visit I found a puzzle piece in the grass near his grave (but clearly from someone else). Seemed fitting, though!

I almost always have Pookie with me on visits. He helps out with the garden as much as he can without getting grubby, and likes to pose for pictures.

What a sweet fuzzball!

We’re pretty close to a line of trees, so late summer afternoons start to get shade because of the angle of the sun. No overhead shade, though.
This cemetery is located along a river, and in the river is a large rock that has served as a landmark for hundreds if not thousands of years. You can see it behind Pookie, who is enjoying a new bench overlooking the peaceful river!

The view upriver



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