Thoughts about Easter

(Topics: Grief and Anxiety, mental health, Easter/Religion, cemeteries) Hi Friends, The other day, I spent the day with Charlie. I have been feeling really, really sad and overwhelmed lately. Sometimes, when I’m feeling heavy, it’s very hard for me to figure out why – and knowing why makes it easier for me to either live

Visiting Charlie in January

(Topic: visiting grave) Hi Friends, I’d like to share with you a little bit about visiting Charlie. At the moment, we live about 45 minutes away from where he’s buried. Pretty soon we’re going to be more like 2 hrs and 15 minutes away… This means that we visit Charlie whenever it makes sense to

Charlie’s Garden and a Pookie Visit

(Topic: Gravesite) Dear Friends, One of the ways I “cultivate” Charlie’s memory (ha ha ha!) is by gardening around his grave stone. We are lucky to have him in an old and beautiful cemetery that is open to people gardening on the gravesites, as long as you stay roughly within their parameters and guidelines. As