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Hi Friends!

This was a Christmas gift, so although I finished it about a month ago, I couldn’t post till now!! I’m a potholder fan, and my hubby is an oven mitt guy, so I looked for a compromise. There are options out there, but I like making things myself. I have made a pair like this for us, and we liked it so much that when we realized my sister needed to equip her apartment kitchen a bit more, this seemed like the perfect thing! I picked 2 colors I know she likes, in a cotton yarn (non-flammable, much. Other options would be 100% wool. Both char more than burning or melting – non-natural fibers melt, which is dangerous if it gets on your skin). These are all single crochets: 2 squares, and just edged together using more single crochets!

The colors, and the cast on!
Finished products – front (I like reversing the colors in the second potholder. Fun!)

Finished products – back

They’re fairly fast to make, and it’s fun to pick out the color combinations! The single crochet, if done tightly, has no holes for fingers to get burned through, and is thick enough for normal work – but if grabbed from the outside (instead of used as a mitt) can be a double layer for super hot things!



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