Remembrance Day, Gettysburg

Well, Ladies and Gents!

This week was most auspicious. On November 19th, 1863, President Lincoln spoke a few words (after the main speaker had given a speech of nearly 2 hours, I believe!). His very short address became famous, and one of the weekends near the anniversary of his speech has become a recurring event, with ceremonies, speeches, parades, and, most importantly, balls! (I jest – and yet, I found the balls to be perhaps the funnest – if not the most important – part of the day!).

Though some events happen already on Friday, I was not able to leave home early enough to participate in these (such as Friday night balls, nor much downtown shopping).
Instead, I got to the area quite late, after a dark and rainy (and somewhat foggy) drive. The night clerk and I got to chatting, and she expressed an interest in seeing my ballgown! I promised to stop by the desk the next night on my way in from the ball to show her. 🙂

The next day, Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 – the year being exactly 150 years after the original event, and thus quite significant – was a full one:
At first a ceremony, then a parade, another ceremony, then the ball!
And what would a post be without pictures?

Friday night: the hotel closet full of ironed and prepped clothes for the next morning!
Saturday morning, early: A sailor, standing outside the hotel. Later, I saw a whole unit of sailors and marines marching in the parade.
Yes, that is Sgt Schulz, from Hogan’s Heroes. Odd, but fun – the first reenactor I speak to on Saturday, and he’s from the wrong century!

Of course, I got no pictures of the first ceremony – oops! It was at a monument, and included wreath-laying to honor the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic – a union veteran’s group), among others. It included a truly phenomenal delivery of the Gettysburg Address by a Lincoln reenactor! On the downside, it was frightfully cold, as a biting wind came shearing across the fields.
LINK: Pictures of the Woolson’s Monument Ceremony (I’m in picture #7! A clue: my bonnet has green ribbon ties)

The parade line-up. These are the ladies who graciously allowed me to walk with their group!
The ladies’ groups lining up behind us. The parade was quite long!

The parade ended up being quite long. I didn’t see all of it, though I watched a bit of what had been behind us, once we got to the end. It was an impressive show!
LINK: A video of the parade. I’m in minute 6:43.

A view of the “Hands Over the Wall” ceremony (100th anniversary).

Mr. Allen Loew, who graciously accompanied me to the ball later on.

Another view of the reenactors lined up for the “Hands Over the Wall”

At the ball!

Another view of the new ballgown (another post to follow, about how I made the dress!)

At the break between dinner and the dance, as they cleared the ballroom of the tables.

And a view of my hairstyle (there were also ringlets coming down from it, but apparently the camera slipped upward – I didn’t get a good picture of them!)
And last but not least, me on the floor, dancing in my new dress!

LINK: I show up in photo 120 on this photo website!
All in all, it was a fabulous weekend! The drive home was slow and snowy, but smooth going, and I’m very glad I went. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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