Rose Baby Hat

Dear friends,

So, it seems I know many babies. A friend asked me to design and make a hat that looked like a rose, for an infant friend of hers. It came out looking more like a species rose (which has flat petals around a middle) more than a double rose (the kind you’re used to seeing), but I still think it came out pretty cute! I’m contemplating making a toddler dress in the same style.

Garment Data:
– Type: Knitted hat
– Date made: December 2016
– Pattern: Made up as I went!
– Fabric/Materials: 100% acrylic yarn
– Trim: same, but crocheted
– Time to finish: a few days, mostly because I was figuring out the pattern, and also because as the leaves overlap the petals, I was doing a lot of color switching.

I had to finish each petal point separately, so there was a lot of string floating around! Looked a bit like a jellyfish at this point! Don’t worry, it gets better. Based on other patterns I’ve seen, it’s unusual but not unheard of to work top-down like I’m doing.
From the inside! You can see I had a little bit of a tension issue with the green pulling the pink tighter than I meant it to be. The bottom border is crocheted on.
Finished! I left the points of the petals to float out above the border, so the border becomes the “inside” petals of the flower, around the baby’s head.

I also need to refine which stitch to switch colors on, so I get a cleaner edge between leaves and petals. If I do a dress, I will actually do the green separately and layer it on top of the pink.

Top view.

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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