Rose Baby Blanket

Hi Friends!

Did I warn you I’d be knitting like a fiend, or did I warn you?? ­čÖé
This blanket has been most of what I’ve been working on for the last 10 days or so… and I loved it!

Garment Data:
– Type: Baby blanket for a crib
– Date made: December 2016
– Pattern: My own, invented as I went. 25″x36″, or so.
– Fabric/Materials: 100% acrylic yarn. Fairly soft.
– Trim: More of the same yarn
– Time to finish: About a week and a half

First I crocheted a rose. This was by request, since it’s for a baby girl. I then used white to make it square, and then picket up stitches along one side, increased, and started knitting. This became the top edge of the blanket.

Here you can see the finished top edge. To complete it and even out the sizing and shaping, I crocheted around the whole thing once, and then picked up stitches to create the side that would become the rest of the blanket. I went for plain knit, but added purled stripes accenting the stripe of color, and then went back to plain knit. I’m using a size 10 (6mm) round knitting needle. I prefer knitting on round needles even for flat items, because the needles are smaller and you don’t get as much bunching of the project.

Mostly done. I added a 3-wide, 4-long square checker pattern toward the bottom. This visually balances the sideways top edge of the blanket. Then I added a pink border, including scallops. This picture is in progress on the scallops, as I worked with crochet to adjust sizing and shaping again.

Finished, but I still have some stray yarn tails, and it’s got some weird rippling going on that will disappear once I block it.

The completed blanket, pinned out for blocking (after washing the blanket, you pin it down in the right shape and dimensions while it’s still damp. Then it dries in the right shape). The crocheted scalloped border is complete.

I’ll be posting projects I complete to sell, as well as those I make for myself and my friends, so watch my Etsy page if there’s something you like!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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