Valentine’s Day Baby Blanket

Valentine’s Day Baby Blanket

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Last week, I finished this baby blanket I’ve been working on since Christmas. Planning ahead, I knew that Valentine’s Day is the next holiday that many people do, so I picked out a red and a white acrylic yarn that was soft and pretty.
The pattern is simple (and I made it up as I went along). Knit for a while in stockinette, make a small stripe of the other color, make a section that is the opposite of stockinette, with all the purl bumps toward the front, go back to stockinette, and right before the half way, do a stripe of the opposite color. Then, switch main colors and finish by reversing all of that! I also made the hearts by purling those sections in a heart shape, then stitching around the edge as a surface embroidery so the hearts would stand out. Then I crocheted a picot edging around it, using opposite colors.

Here it is being shown at my knitting group. Then it will be taken to the NICU for the little ones who need some extra warm snuggles.

Yours, Sarah

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