Prayer Shawl 1, and a Sunflower

Dear Friends,

One of the knitting groups I’m in, which meets at a church, makes prayer shawls/lap blankets for the VA hospital in a nearby city. I’ve been in that group for close to 2 years, but somehow that project somehow rarely seemed to be on the top of my pile. Well! Yesterday I finally finished it!

It is made from yarns donated to the group, but there is enough yarn on hand I was able to select the colors I wanted to work with. You can probably tell that getting enough of the same gray was difficult, but working with several different balls of yarn, and even double-stranding at one point to make it knit to the right scale and tension, I was able to create the striping pattern I had in mind.

Also, one of my sisters helped me for a bit! She did several rows in the middle boring gray part.

The loose portion on the lower right is because I discovered we’d made a hole by accidentally picking up a stitch. That is easily fixable by just dropping the same stitch, but because I found it many rows too late, dropping the stitch made a long ladder of looseness down to where the hole was. I evened it out quite a bit, but some of it will need some time to settle down and even out.

Close-up of the loose section and the inadvertent gray-shade color changes. Not perfect, but warm and cuddly.

The sunflower on top of the shawl is a crocheted wall decoration, made by request for a friend. It’s all cotton yarn.



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