Big News

Big News

(Topic: Pregnancy, rainbow baby) Hi Friends, As you may have noticed, there have been some large gaps between posts lately. I am about a year late in telling you this… I was expecting and now have a rainbow baby! Please note, this post will talk about pregnancy and having a small baby, after having had

How I’ll Think About Christmas This Year

(Topic: Grief, Religion, Christmas, Pregnancy) Hi Friends, Christmas, and particularly the figure of Mary, can be a bit complicated to come to terms with after experiencing infant loss. I’ve written about this before, exploring how the themes of pregnancy and happy arrival can be very difficult for a loss parent. I’ve felt sad, during the

Father’s Day Is Hard For Us

(Topic: Grief, dealing with grief, triggers, pictures, loss, stillbirth, pregnancy and infant loss) Hi Friends, Charlie was born on Father’s Day. This weekend is so, so hard for us, every year. It’s odd, how my mind works. It doesn’t know what date Thursday was that year, or Friday, or Saturday – I only remember the

Am I Strong?

(Topic: grief, strength, definitions) Hi Friends, Several times recently, I have been told I am strong. Over the last few years, it’s happened a few times more. Most frequently I have been told this by strangers, who don’t know anything about me, and who have just heard about Charlie – and if I’m not crying,

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on my Mind at Once – Plus Tips on How to Support a Grieving Loved One

(Topic: grief, holidays, support) I know a mama who planted an azalea for every one of her babies who died. This one in my yard makes me think of her. Hi Friends, This post is a bit later than I’d intended, because this week is a tough one for loss families of many kinds. Being

Thoughts about Easter

(Topics: Grief and Anxiety, mental health, Easter/Religion, cemeteries) Hi Friends, The other day, I spent the day with Charlie. I have been feeling really, really sad and overwhelmed lately. Sometimes, when I’m feeling heavy, it’s very hard for me to figure out why – and knowing why makes it easier for me to either live

Copyright anxiety

(Topic: Anxiety, copyright, right-of-usage) Hi Friends, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that I try to post twice a week. Generally on Wednesdays I try to post something specific to life after loss, and on Saturdays I often keep it lighter with pictures of something I’ve made. Recently, though, on January 26th, I missed a

What can I say? Ideas on how to talk to and help a grieving friend

(topic: loss, grief, communication, helping) Introduction This is a post in my series of posts honoring Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. My goal is for these posts to be shareable – if you are a loss parent, I hope you find this post helpful to share with your friends to help them understand you,

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

(Topic: loss, grief, awareness) What is this Awareness Month? This month is a special one in the USA, but I don’t know if other countries officially observe it. Back in 1988, President Reagan specified October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month (Full text of the official declaration at this link). The idea is to

Dear Charlie’s Mama, Are You OK?

(Topic: Emotions, Support networks for grief) Hi Friends! This is a FAQ!!! I have enough readers now that I’ve started getting occasional questions, and this post will be structured based on that. Thanks for all your feedback and support! You seem sad. Are you OK? Thank you for your concern! Yes, I’m generally ok. I have