Pookie’s First Flight

[trigger warning: this post will discuss themes related to strong emotion, miscarriage, fear, and grief]  Dear Friends, Guess who just took his first airplane flight?!? [and probably his last… more on that later]. We recently took a trip to Boston, and this was the first time I’d flown with Pookie. Previously, all trips we’ve taken

Learning to Reply

Dear Friends, Over the past few days, I ran into some difficult questions. Ones I’ve had asked of me before, but they have been ones that are tricky to reply to. I want to share a little success story, because I’m really happy with how I managed to reply. That said, I’m going to make

Breastfeeding vs. Male Entitlement

So just recently, a friend of mine had an experience that made me upset (and her more so). She was told by a relative, who had not said anything prior to this, that breastfeeding in “public” (in this case, at his home) was not ok. Could she please be more discreet and do it in