Am I Strong?

(Topic: grief, strength, definitions) Hi Friends, Several times recently, I have been told I am strong. Over the last few years, it’s happened a few times more. Most frequently I have been told this by strangers, who don’t know anything about me, and who have just heard about Charlie – and if I’m not crying,

Copyright anxiety

(Topic: Anxiety, copyright, right-of-usage) Hi Friends, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that I try to post twice a week. Generally on Wednesdays I try to post something specific to life after loss, and on Saturdays I often keep it lighter with pictures of something I’ve made. Recently, though, on January 26th, I missed a

Pookie’s First Flight

[trigger warning: this post will discuss themes related to strong emotion, miscarriage, fear, and grief]  Dear Friends, Guess who just took his first airplane flight?!? [and probably his last… more on that later]. We recently took a trip to Boston, and this was the first time I’d flown with Pookie. Previously, all trips we’ve taken

By The Numbers

By the Numbers The Statistics of Baby Loss Hi Friends,   This is going to be a brief explanation of the statistics of baby loss you may see floating around. Some are true, some are false, and most are simply a little misleading unless you hear where the numbers are from. I will be including

Breastfeeding vs. Male Entitlement

So just recently, a friend of mine had an experience that made me upset (and her more so). She was told by a relative, who had not said anything prior to this, that breastfeeding in “public” (in this case, at his home) was not ok. Could she please be more discreet and do it in

Diagnosis: Heartache, Chronic. Ok?

Dear Friends, One of the things I’m learning (slowly) is to be patient with myself, and forgiving. I’ve never really been terribly patient! I’m sure if my parents are reading this, they’re nodding along. When it comes to grief, though, part of the “problem” that makes it difficult, is that there is no set of

A Little Bit of Magic in this Dreary World

Hi Friends, Today I want to talk about how I see my Charlie act in the world. I have noticed, over the weeks and months of connecting to other loss-mamas and loss-papas, that an element of grief seems to be a higher tendency to “magical thinking”. Bear with me while I explain! To have “magical”

Hey, Kid, Get Off My Lawn!

Summary: If someone is not like you (let’s say, they’re a different age, or race, or religion), don’t make sweeping statements. While you might (maybe) be right about a few individuals, you will be dead wrong about a whole lot more. “The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show